Have ready Customers the industry’s first memory chips ST-MRAM density 256 Mbit; they are manufactured at the facilities of Globalfoundries

Adata Technologies, in 2012 issuing the first memory chip of the ST-MRAM for high performance storage systems, has announced the start of supply of the industry’s first chip ST-MRAM density of 256 Mbit.

Magnetoresistive random access memory ST-MRAM (Spin-Torque Magnetoresistive RAM) is characterized by high performance and durability, as well as the ability to store information in the absence of power. Speed records ST-MRAM is superior to the NAND flash memory more than 100,000 times. Unlike flash memory, ST-MRAM is not necessary to load distribution, since the wear when recording is virtually nonexistent.

Chip density 256 Mbit Bps refers to third generation of the ST-MRAM, noting that support DDR3 simplifies their use in solid state drives and RAID controllers. The manufacturer is already developing chips ST-MRAM density 1 Gbps interface DDR4. Manufacturing partner of Customers is the company Globalfoundries.

Source: Bps Technologies



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