Hat – a stylish accessory autumn 2018

Remember how in the childhood we liked to wear a hat and at every opportunity took off the head this hat. As adults, we understand is so important hat in cold and can’t live without this warm and stylish things. Today a variety of styles of headgear allows you to choose not only warm protection for your head from the cold and wind, but also to replenish your wardrobe a fashionable accessory that will transform your face and the image as a whole.

Fashionable hats: Fall 2018

The combination of style and comfort – a fundamental trend for the upcoming fall season. Fashionista, flaunting the cold without a hat, protecting your hairdo, bring a smile and sympathy. Modern cap should be beautiful, original and, most importantly, warm.

At the peak of popularity in the autumn season 2018 – knitted hats of various texture and material. Lighter models made of thin acrylic fabric, warm and spacious – from coarse yarns with large patterns.

Knits 2018 complemented by scarves, a clutch, gloves or mittens to match the hat, creating a vibrant and expressive set. Do not lose their popularity berets that allow you to create bows in a variety of styles – business, outdoor, romantic. For young fashionistas presents catchy, cap, felt hats, Trilby practical with a bright décor.

If autumn 2018 it will be cold, it is possible to dress in a fur hat-«ushanka», which smoothly flow into the main headdress of the upcoming winter.

Hats 2018: Trends, ideas, trends

In the wardrobe of every girl there is a dozen hats for all occasions. But they are so relevant in the upcoming season? We offer you to get acquainted with the fashion trends of hats autumn 2018.

Knitted abundance

Knit head ware without exaggeration, familiar to our grandmothers, who, wishing to look stylish, knit your first cap. Today’s technology and low cost of these accessories allows you to not spend time on their own and purchase the model that you like.

A variety of knitted hats is amazing. Models with large viscous, a variety of patterns, fine close texture, of natural and artificial yarn, tight and volume is not the whole list of hats available to the modern fashionistas.

Knitted hats 2018 can be romantic, with decorative elements in the form of rhinestones and large brooches with a metal shade, so popular among the youth, classic laconic products in soothing shades.


Absolute favourite autumn 2018 – surround caps with large rustic binding, embellished with fluffy POM-poms. Color solutions of these models can be both bright and more versatile.

Eastern chic 2018

Eastern turbans have recently attracted the attention of fashionistas and immediately became popular and loved.

The turban fits snugly around the head, providing warmth and comfort. The style of the product gives the image a unique romantic chic, perfectly fitting business images, and bows in the style of streetstyle.

Turbans 2018 is presented mostly in dark colors – black, Bordeaux, wine and other catchy elements in the form of brooches and laces.

Romantic berets 2018

Latest fashion shows revealed that the berets are still popular and sought after girls. Thanks to the original style, this hat can be made from a variety of materials – felt, wool, fur and cashmere.

Berets 2018 richly decorated with decorative elements – songs from the crystals, brooches with large stones, lush POM-poms or buckles. The upcoming fall will be the popular model of velvet. These berets give a woman an aristocratic Bohemian look and perform more decorative function.

Choose a lighter model of pink, peach, blue. They visually refresh the complexion and make you younger.

Greetings from 90-x: Snudy 2018

Hat-scarf or simply snudy was at the peak of popularity in the 90-ies. Then these models are radically different from the usual knitted hats and everyone tried to purchase the infamous Snood beet color.

Modern snudy have undergone some changes. The style of this headgear become more liberal and somewhat relaxed. Models are made in large and small knitting of natural or artificial wool.

Despite its «air» form snudy protect head and ears from wind and heavy frosts. In addition, they are perfectly combined with fur coat, a sports jacket and even coat strong.

Fashionable beanie 2018: Best of streetstyle

Bini caps – the highlight of the autumn image. They tightly hug the head and look incredibly stylish. Designers recommend to look at the extended models with small smooth viscous. Thanks to the dense texture that is not loading the model, Bini perfectly complemented by a variety of decor.

Modern caps beanie is a bright flashy models with appliques, embroidery, words, and slogans, logos and other decorations. The hit of the fall season 2018 – hats-Bini metallic «silver» or «gold». They are indispensable for the creation of the youth every day.

Fur hats 2018

For late autumn, when winter has already «gives» us the first frost, it is best to protect the head and ears fur hats. In the upcoming season of the popular models from fluffy and smooth fur.

Do not have to spend money on genuine fur products. Modern caps made of artificial material for its qualities and appearance are not inferior to natural.

The fashion fur hats with earflaps, his cap, neat round hat with a short NAP, cap and hoods with decorations in the form of buckles. Fur products are appropriate in almost any manner – business, casual and even sporty.

Playful autumn mood

Caps-animals only just gaining popularity among young fashionistas. Its origins, these models took from children’s styles, but in women’s fashion, they look great in the images of young girls.

A variety of contemporary models of hats so widely that every girl will be able to fully Express yourself with fashionable hats, to be stylish and original in any weather.

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