Hasselblad is thinking in 2017 to Fund the photosystem mirrorless medium format XCD lens for macro photography

In a lengthy interview with the source, the representative of the Hasselblad touched upon the plans of the company aimed at the development of photosystem medium format XCD, opened in June of this year mirrorless camera Hasselblad X1D. By the way, according to the calculations of Hasselblad, this is the first compact mirrorless camera medium format.

As you know, the camera is designed for lenses new XCD series with the Central bolt. At the same time with the camera was submitted to XCD lenses 45mm F3.XCD 5 and 90mm F3.2 with a focal length of 45 mm and 90 mm, respectively. They were later joined by model XCD Hasselblad 30mm F/3.5. So now the system includes three models of lenses. Specify that together with the Hasselblad camera X1D you can use the system lenses H System but need an adapter.

According to the representative of Hasselblad, the company is considering the possibility of a release in 2017 XCD Hasselblad lens designed for macro photography. Technical specifications of this product are still unknown.

Source: Luminous landscape


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