Has the first photo of the back panel of the iPhone SE new generation

Almost all of the latest rumors regarding the new Apple smartphones revolve around the iPhone 8, because it should be really something new for the company.

Sometimes mention models of iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. But on the new iPhone SE have not been any rumors. In most cases it was possible to hear opinion that a new baby this year we will not see.

Anyway, in the Network appeared photo, which allegedly captured the rear panel of the iPhone SE new generation. More precisely, several such panels.

The document, which are these panels, you can see mention of glass Ion-X, which is covered with displays of the Apple Watch. While the panels themselves are, apparently, either made of glass or covered them.

There is speculation that Apple will unveil a new product at WWDC in June, starting June 5. If we assume that the new iPhone SE does release this year, he will most likely get the platform and the camera of iPhone 7.



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