Harman shareholders as a whole supported the deal with Samsung

In November last year it became known that Samsung is buying the company Harman for $ 8 billion. However, this deal came to mind. Come down to the fact that some shareholders Harman filed a lawsuit against the company, considering that $ 8 billion — not a large sum.

According to the source, the deal that has apparently not affected. It is reported that the majority of shareholders voted for the merger with Samsung. The voting was 70,78% of the common stock of Harman. In quantitative terms, this corresponds to 49,46 million shares.

In a vote of 46.92 million shares were «lost» for the transaction of 2.11 million — against, and 431 312 abstained. This indicates that most shareholders are quite satisfied with the amount of the transaction.

Now the deal is subject to approval by antitrust authorities in the US, EU, China and South Korea. Samsung plans to complete the takeover in the third quarter.



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