Half of smartphone users in the U.S. do not download any third party software

The app stores of iOS and Android contain hundreds of thousands of different programs and games. Smartphone user is free to change on your device almost everything. At least this is true for the owners of devices with Android.

However, a new report by comScore shows interesting statistic. It turns out that half of smartphone owners in the US do not download any apps. More precisely, such a situation emerges after three months of research. Of course, this does not mean that this category of users have not downloaded any apps for their lives, but on average 49% of users are not interested in third-party software, if to speak about the mobile device.

This explains well the desire of smartphone makers to give their own shells with a variety of curious and original features not found in «naked» Android OS and the competition.

Moreover, only 13% of American users accounted for more than half of all software downloads. If to speak about 51% of users who basically download their SOFTWARE, we find that on average, each person downloads approximately 3.5 applications per month.

Statistics more than interesting in itself. It becomes even more interesting if to see what a similar study in 2014 showed that more than two thirds of smartphone users the United States did not downloaded any third party apps.


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