Hair coloring: new 2018

If a girl wants to change her life, she begins with the hair. This phrase has always been important for every girl. Moreover, many people say that the hair colour affects the sense of self and perception of the world. So if you have been dreaming about change, the beginning of 2018 is perfect for it.

Every year stylists distinguish certain shades of hair, and also colouring techniques, which will be popular. What kind of staining will be relevant in 2018? What are the new items introduced to the stylists? We offer you to look into this right now.

Actual colors and shades of hair of 2018

If the earlier monochrome coloring and the desire for naturalness was welcomed, now trends have changed. In 2018, all stylists call modern fashionistas are not afraid to experiment with hair color.

Of course, owners of light shade was more fortunate, as you can implement almost any idea. But this does not mean that brunettes should not choose something interesting. The most important thing is to find an experienced master colorist, who will pick up for you.

Strawberry blonde

Soft strawberry shade on the hair is one of the main trends of 2018. Due to the fact that you can choose as more as well as less saturated color, every girl will easily pick the appropriate option. After all, the real strawberry blond very versatile and can contain not only the pink tone, and the Golden, honey or even wheat. Therefore, the staining looks very gentle, elegant and at the same time romantic.

In addition, this color will help to refresh the face and give the image a touch of playfulness. The undeniable advantage of this staining is the lack of yellow, so not everyone likes blondes.

Ash blonde and platinum

Last year these shades were particularly relevant and popular. Now, however, stylists offer something more interesting. Mix these shades with each other with various dyeing techniques. For example, Balazs, highlights or Ombre. Due to this, you can easily achieve interesting transitions, glare on the hair. Looks such a solution is very original.

To shade most suitable to the type of appearance, we recommend you to think in advance all the nuances. For example, the owners of pale skin and bright eyes, it is better to add more platinum shade, or choose it as your primary.

Bright strands

Of course, a beautiful, natural shades of hair look noble, feminine. But if you dream of bold experiments, bright strands or ends, in 2018, be sure to try to do it. Boldly paint the hair in bright pink, lilac, blue and other shades. After all these extraordinary solutions, the key trend of this year!

Colouring techniques 2018

In 2018, all also remain several popular dyeing techniques. But the stylists presented the novelties that will suit bright, bold girls.


For several years the most popular technique of staining Ombre remains. Its main feature is the most seamless transition of the two shades. In the classic version is supposed to use natural shades. That is, the roots have a dark color and the lengths and ends light. Due to this, it seems that the hair is slightly burned in the sun.


The second popular technique of dyeing is Balaj. Unlike the previous embodiment, it is possible to use several shades. Thus, to create a color stretching across the length of the hair will be much easier. The result is often get natural effect. If you want you can experiment and create more abrupt transitions with different shades. It all depends on your own preferences.

Especially beautiful this painting looks at the cascading haircuts and wavy hair. After all, to create a volume does not have to exert effort. The game of color helps to visually accents.


Unusual, extravagant dyeing techniques «pixels» – new 2018. In contrast to traditional options in that there are no soft transitions, and streamers of color. On the contrary, the main focus will be clean lines, geometric patterns and bright shades. Agree, it is very intriguing.

Be prepared for the fact that the process of painting in the style of «pixels» can be very long. Since paints of different colors are applied sequentially. As a result, and you get different rhombuses and squares.

However, there will come such experiments far not every girl. To the staining looked really beautiful, the hair needs to be healthy, thick and straight. In addition, you need to do styling on a daily basis that the hair was in the correct position and the picture was complete.


Stylish, modern painting called brondirovanie – a great solution for girls who can’t decide on hair color. This technique allows you to combine light and dark shade so that it looks as natural as possible. That is why stylists recommend this painting as a good alternative to the monotonous. Because it allows not only to change a little the usual way, but also to maintain good condition of your hair.


The technique of «splashlight» – another novelty 2018. It’s pretty complicated, but the result will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding fashionista. This staining suggests that the hair is a kind of light effect. Then there are some highlights that are especially visible in motion.

Best of all, this painting looks great on light hair. But if the wizard has enough experience, the result will look fantastic even on brunettes.

A variety of dyeing techniques, which will be in trend in 2018, given the opportunity for each girl to realize any ideas. But the main thing is to find a good artist who will do quality work.

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