Hack backup i-devices with iOS 10 would become much easier

Company Elcomsoft, which deals with security systems, conducted a series of tests with iOS 10 and came to the following conclusion: to hack backup device that is running the new version of the mobile OS has become much easier.

Password-protected backup, which is saved on the PC or Mac can be hacked by a simple selection. So, the tests showed that in the case of iOS 9 when using Intel Core i5 related programs could pick up 2.4 thousand passwords per second, when using the GeForce GTX 1080 is 150 thousand passwords per second. With the release of iOS 10 the same processor in conjunction with the same job much faster, picking up 6 million passwords every second, that is working in 2.5 thousand times faster. Tests with GeForce GTX 1080 and iOS 10 have not yet been done.

Security specialist Per Thorsheim (Per Thorsheim), commenting on the test results, noted that Apple refused to use a hashing algorithm PBKDF2 with 10K iterations in favor of SHA256 algorithm with a single iteration. This greatly simplified the hacking data password brute force.

Apple said it is already working on a update that will close this gap in the security system and advised users to use complex non-standard passwords.



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