Gyrometer Xiaomi Mi Ninebot Plus valued at $514

During the annual event Mi Ecosystem, the company introduced several new products, including the Xiaomi Mi Laser projector Projection TV, which we wrote about yesterday, and gyrometer Xiaomi Mi Ninebot Plus.

The Xiaomi Mi Ninebot Plus the use of machine learning techniques that take into account the speed, balance and other parameters drive the specific user. The machine has two motors with a power of 400 W, and the maximum speed is 18 km/h.

Unit weight is 16 kg, dimensions equal to 57,7 x 28 x 62 cm battery Capacity is 329 W•h, it is enough for about 35 km and is charged for 5.5 hours. The maximum user weight is 100 kg. the Degree of dust and moisture protection gyrometer is IP54, that is, it is quite possible to ride in the rain, overcoming puddles.

Using the remote control you can control gyrometers. You can also click one button, forcing Xiaomi Mi Ninebot Plus follow you.

If desired, the upper part of the Xiaomi Mi Ninebot Plus you can set the camera Mi Ninebot Plus Camera, which allows you to shoot videos with resolution of 1080p with a viewing angle of 104° and broadcast what is happening on the smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi Ninebot Plus will go on sale July 11 at a price of about $514.



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