Growing demand has led to shortages of flash memory NOR

The situation on the world market of flash memory NOR, where for a long time, there has been an oversupply, is reversed. Previously, the memory NOR in large quantities was popular in cell phones, but their market declined, which led to the decrease in demand NOR. At the same time the displacement of its flash memory NAND flash small volume.

A new rise in demand is associated with AMOLED screens, increasingly common in smartphones. Memory chips NOR used in the respective control circuits. According to the source, to screen, Full HD need 8 Mbit flash memory NOR, for QHD screen — twice.

In addition, the change in the market situation due to increasing demand in the segments of automotive electronics and industrial controllers.

The shortage of flash memory of the NOR type is compounded by the fact that the leading producers in the face of Micron Technology and Cypress Semiconductor ceased production of the chips low and medium capacity. In the beginning of the year, Micron is generally credited with the intention to get rid of the production of NOR.

Changes slow to take advantage of Taiwanese and Chinese companies, is rapidly expanding production of flash memory NOR-type.

Source: Digitimes


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