Grey school uniform: noble shades of student dress code

Most educational institutions are returning to a strict dress code, dressing their students in a classical school uniform.

In anticipation of the new academic year, the color selection of school uniforms is particularly acute. School teachers want to see their students in a simple school kits classic tones, parents want to diversify a boring tone the usual form of bright hues.

The most popular among school teachers and parents use grey uniforms. It compares favorably with dark black color, it is less easily soiled. School uniform grey color looks attractive and elegant, flattering silhouette.

The advantages of a gray school uniform

According to many parents, grey is boring and not suitable for school uniforms, but many do not know about the many benefits of gray.

As an intermediate shade between black and white, the grey color makes the image more balanced and calm.

Indeed, the gray color may look boring, but only in case if it is incorrectly combined with other shades. If you diversify gray look with bright accents, for example, blouse or shirt colorful shades, this will give the school a feel of softness and lightness.

School kits, decorated in muted gray tones give the student an inner strength and confidence.

Tunics, dresses, skirts for girls and suits for the three boys in grey talking about elegance and a classic approach to the selection form. These kits, despite the calm grey color, great for special school events.

The gray color a lot of advantages, which are successfully used to create stylish school kits for students of all ages:

grey color perfectly mutes the bright colors. Pair a bright blouse or shirt with pinafore or trousers grey, you will get a noble and bold.

grey relevant throughout the school year. Light sundresses, pants, vests for warm weather, and warmer and more closed school dresses for girls and blazers for boys in the winter time of year is always relevant and in demand young fashionistas.

– school uniform in gray color always looks balanced and restrained

grey color is suitable to students of all ages. It looks great and first-graders and high school students.


– school kits in gray color indicate the conservatism and the maintenance of existing traditions in school uniform.

Gray, like many other color, has many shades, each of which allows you to create a unique stylish image.

Stylish combination of gray uniforms

Today is rare to find a school uniform grey color. Even knowing about the many pros of gray, the parents try to embellish the child form various shades and patterns.

The grey cage is very popular in the last few seasons. The combination of grey with more contrasting shades allows you to create not boring and strict school set.

The most popular combination of gray with other colors:

– grey-blue – oblique, straight, with stripes of varying thickness looks great on school uniform. This color goes well with blue, purple and olive color.

– taupe is a more restrained and quiet colors that blend perfectly with blouses and shirts in beige, terracotta color, nadovich shades.

– a few shades of grey – cage, made of different shades of gray to smooth his calm nature. This pattern goes well with clothes of pink, green or blue.

gradient gray – to-gray color is used as the main, which made blotches of different shades – blue, brown or green.

Select the top under a grey school uniform

Because of its neutrality and versatility of grey school uniform can be combined with many other colors.

We offer you several options fashionable school of bows that will suit both girls and boys of all ages.

Grey and pink

Often schools are not strictly reglementiert the color of the blouse or shirt of the student, offering a choice of white, pink, blue and others. This is a great opportunity to create a perfect casual school look.

The combination of grey-pink perfect for school uniform girls. He looks very modest and gentle.

Grey and blue

The blue top you can choose for a boy and for girls. This way looks calm and balanced.

Grey and sudovye shades

Grey pinafore or dress, trousers and waistcoat in grey color combined with the soft Nude and pastel colors looks great on the students.

This combination is very like the girl high school students who follow fashion trends and know how stylish look sudovye colors in clothing.

Stylish school uniform in grey

Modern school uniform can boast a huge number of styles, so students and their parents to choose from. To the classic school uniform for girls includes the dress, dress skirt set-jacket, skirt and jacket, jacket. We offer you to look looks like a grey school uniform for girls of all ages.

For boys the choice a bit less – this is a classic three – leg pants, vest and jacket. But here you can find interesting styles, for example, tapered trousers, school shorts, cropped jacket.

Gray – universal, it is suitable for almost everyone. Use gray fabrics for sewing school uniforms a real godsend for parents, it is easy to wash and less dirty.


Due to the texture of the grey fabric turns out a lot of the original styles of school uniforms. Grey fabric perfectly captures the relief gruppirovanie folds on the skirts of the girls, stresses the flaps of the pockets, allows you to create complex ornate styles school sundresses.

Gray perfectly captures the texture of small folds on school uniform, pleated medium sized skirts.

School jacket in the grey color looks much more impressive and noble than any other color.

Don’t like the grey school uniform? You simply do not know him. We hope that our review helped you choose a stylish and practical school uniform in grey for your baby.

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