Grey color in clothes and its combination with other shades

Grey color in clothing can be quite complicated. The line between elegant grey and inconspicuous gray very thin. To look in these clothes sophisticated and bright, you need foreign funds to build missing in that color, vigor, passion, brightness and freshness. This can be achieved only through personal qualities, well-groomed appearance and details of the bow.

Choosing grey clothes, you need to remember that any of the shades tend to highlight the shortcomings of the female figure and to show the imperfections in the garment. That is why things need to be high quality, expensive fabric, and the figure is close to the standards of beauty. Incorrectly chosen clothes will look dull and navit feeling of hopelessness. Sometimes the grey clothing from the outset seems not quite fresh and even dirty. Those who are trying to give gray clothing for practical, assuring everyone that she is not dirty, wrong. Wrongly chosen fabric is new and clean seems old and dirty. All these drawbacks are solved by careful control of selection of clothes.

What you need to know about the gray color?

Grey is a mixture of black and white. Options of shades are endless. Best eye perceived those combinations where the hues are on the same level around the world. For example, light shades of gray combined with bright shades of other colors. The same applies to dark shades. There is a tendency to talk about what grey is easiest to combine together with black color. But experience shows that this applies only to the lightest and darkest shades.

Gray is able to dim the saturation of other colors. It absorbs them, making less bright in the ensemble. Colorful sets will not light joyful colours in the neighborhood with shades of gray.

Combination with derivatives from the red

Pure red can look really noble complete with things gray. Importantly, gray was dominant, and red just shaded it on shoes, jewelry, makeup and cosmetics. In combination with shades of pink grey takes on a romantic tinge. This combination is suitable for those who want to create a delicate look. Here, pink and gray colors can be equally. If the pink color presents vivid hue, fuchsia or crimson, then gray will tame them and make it more elegant. Such combinations are suitable even for office fashion.

The yellow-grey outfit

Shades of yellow are associated with sun, sea and positive. That’s why combining it with grey color will make the whole image cheerful. The overall mood and style accentuate the shades. The brighter the yellow, the more extraordinary will be the image. Bright and cool colors are more suitable for elegant bows. They can be in harmony only with the same light shades of gray, while bright and dark yellow will blend with any tones and undertones.

Gray-green combination in clothes

The combination of soothing green and gray overwhelming a risky move. It is very easy to create the image of a «gray mouse» and be just boring. So lovers of green is better to choose a bottle, or celadon. Also to refresh the image will help shade the young grass. Besides metallic shades is able to reduce the effect of specific gray. Metallic green should occupy more than half of the image and set the tone for the entire outfit.

Shades of blue with grey

Blue and grey – it is the right set for a luxurious combination. Both colors belong to the cool tones, so their combination is able to give stunning effects. Regardless of the hue and saturation of colors to blend in to any style and mood of the outfits. The main direction will be restrained and noble combination. The exception is a bright turquoise, which is usually withdrawn leading role in the suit. Such ensembles look colorful and festive. It is important to highlight gray only in small parts of the outfit: bag, jewelry, accessories. You can select colors with a metallic sheen. But that could be just one of the shades. Other color need to stay matte.

A combination of grey and clear blue color is usually used for business style. Often such combinations can be seen in uniform. Not to look boring and ordinary, you should pay more attention to the details of such outfit. It is better to choose a noble shades: pearl grey, deep blue and other. A beautiful shade in itself may not look boring. Also to diversify the image will help memorable textures and decorative details. It is possible to use sequins or metallic threads for the stitches and the fabric.

Night images well are formed by combinations of grey with rich purple. Ceremonial dresses and cocktail outfits you will look like royalty. It is not necessary to simplify the bow, choosing shiny fabrics. In this color scheme they will look cheap regardless of the actual value. Everyday images allow the combination of gray suits and purple blouses, tops and shirts. Pearl grey will be beneficial to shade the purple shades. Reserved dress a foulard purple color will complement a neat gray jacket without unnecessary decorative elements.

Grey combined with the classic

White and black color suitable for all styles and situations. With proper komponovanie these classic and always trendy colors to create the best bows. Gray in these ensembles will be able to dilute the monochrome pattern and give a monotone color highlight. It is only important to observe the proportions.

Two top office style colors: brown and gray

Combine similar colors together particularly difficult. Most of the combinations will look just dark. Dark shades should immediately put to rest. Their harmonious neighborhood in one Luka is simply impossible. It is better to use shades of beige and sand. They will be combined with all shades of gray to create an elegant and aged look.

The versatility and trendy shades of grey elevated him to the rank of one of the most popular colors of the new season. That is why designers are recommended to review in detail all of the properties and also to try more combinations with this color.

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