Greeting cards for New year 2018 with their hands

Has long been known that the gifts, hand made, charged by special warmth and positive energy. These little things will be very pleasant surprise for most people. Especially if you try and spend a little more time and diligence.

Christmas cards is one of the components of the gift set. Such paper decorative tokens Shine with all the colors of the rainbow and shiny tints. Using a card is the easiest way to convey your feelings and wishes, so as to draw them anything. If drawings are insufficient, the colorful lettering will complement them and give the whole gamut of feelings of the giver.

The simplest way is to cut out a paper silhouette of a Christmas character or object and stick on the front of the card. To complement the application of sequins, rhinestones, ribbons and of course the warm words and congratulations. For those who are willing to spend a little more time and effort to hack, below offered several workshops for the production of bright and original postcards.

Bulk card «Tree»

Postcard «Christmas Tree» is a stylish and elegant gift that you can make yourself. In order to begin, you need to prepare corrugated cardboard with patterned paper for pastels, paint spray, knife for paper, glue, scissors, decorative beads and rhinestones, double sided tape, brown pillow, decorative gilt lace, transparent adhesive, and the dummy pad, a pencil, a tool for forming creasing, pencil.

To get started you need to make a template. Paper for pastels cut a rectangle measuring 29 cm by 13 cm. After which the paper is folded according to the scheme proposed below and is formed by creasing.

The flaps of the rectangle are cut to the shape of Christmas trees. On corrugated cardboard on the inner part of applied paint-type spray. After that, it devoid of 4 halves of Christmas trees (2 left and 2 right sides). Then from the same cardboard cut a rectangle measuring 13 cm by 2 cm made of paper also cut a rectangle measuring 12 cm by 2 cm.

Using pigment cushions all cut parts are toned. Next, we need to stick to the starter cord and the substrate, as is done in the photo.

Substrate glue the chosen photo, picture or Christmas wishes. Then the finished card is decorated with beads and rhinestones to your taste.

Surround the Christmas tree to decorate Christmas cards

Any greeting card or gift packaging will be more interesting and original, if you decorate bulk Christmas tree made out of paper. For this you need to prepare five square pieces of paper with side length 10 cm, 9 cm, 7.5 cm, 6.5 cm, 5.5 cm. From the great square formed a triangle, as pictured below. Triangle, unfold and fold again, but on the contrary, the inward bending of the opposite side of the figure. Again detailed sheet placed in front of him. The bend lines fold volume of a triangle. One of the sides bent inward. Also coming from the opposite side. The result is one of the parts that make up a future Christmas tree. In the same way we put the remaining squares. After all the parts ready, on the tip of each on the reverse side, attach a small piece of double-sided tape. All the details as you zoom in to put one into the other. In this way we get a nice and easy to surround a decorative Christmas tree.

Postcard with felt ball

For making cute and simple cards need a bit of materials and diligence. You need to prepare a cardboard sheet measuring 24 cm by 17 cm, different ribbons and delicate lace, a piece of felt, thread, glue ready Christmas appliques, sewing supplies.

Prepared figures for the application it is necessary to fix on the felt and carefully cut out. Directly on tissue cut from a figure sticking ribbons, laces and other decorative details.

The finished figure is glued or sew on a card. For most cards it is better to choose thick paper in order while sewing not to damage it with a needle.

For decorative effect you can sew on the paper line, simulating the string for hanging Christmas decorations.

Near sewn toy you can stick a rag strip to create a more spectacular appearance. Also on the front side you need to write greetings and wishes for the new year. Card is ready!

The snow-swept tree on a postcard

Most interesting are the cards with surround applications. Very pleased to open this gift and see inside three-dimensional toy. Especially if this surprise made with love. This is the card covered with snow surround the Christmas tree inside.

You’ll need cardboard for the cards, cardboard Christmas trees green color, scissors, glue, decorative items, cotton, or something similar.

Of green cardboard, cut five strips of different lengths and a width of 1.5 cm Each strip is about 2 cm longer than the previous. Received the parts folded in an accordion. Then from the second sheet of cardboard is cut to suitable size rectangle and folded in half so that the result card. Inside it is glued green bunching of one another from biggest to smallest. The next step will be to design Christmas trees with «snow» made of cotton and paper snowflakes and decorative rhinestones, beads and sequins.

Bulk new year card from a paper hinge

Another decorative toy is made of paper is so easy that by its manufacturing can attract the baby. The shape can be any. The main thing that this form corresponded to the new year holiday.

To get started you will need coloured paper, glue and scissors. Consider making decorative Christmas trees for decorating cards or decorating boxes with gifts. Coloured paper cut into equal strips, which are glued together at the ends in such a way as to obtain the loops.

Paste the first item, depicting the tree trunk. Then laid out and glued the lower level branches. The next level comprises one loop less and so on up to the upper level where there is only one loop.


Similarly, you can form of bright cotton loops simple in the form of another toy: ball, snowman, gift box and more. Designed postcard to be a very unusual and original.

All of these simple crafts can bring pleasure both to those who makes them and those for whom they are intended. After all, the Christmas mood is made up of such trifles.

Every gift from the store, you can make a handmade card to leave the loved one on the holidays part of himself.

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