«Greenpeace» for the third year in a row Apple calls the most «green» company

The organization Greenpeace released another report showing how active (or not active) of large companies use clean energy in fact, we cherish nature.

For the third consecutive year the leader of the rating «Greenpeace» Apple. For example, in the ranking of the use of clean energy company is in first place with the big separation from competitors. 83% of all energy Apple gets from renewable sources, while the closest competitor in the face of Facebook boasts increased only 67%. Meanwhile, the index of Apple and Facebook and Google (56%) correspond to class A.

It should be noted that these «Greenpeace» differ, for example, with Google data, which a month ago said that have almost completely switched to renewable energy sources. There are clear differences in the assessment of that remain unclear.

But on the volumes used by companies in clean energy all fits together. Here Google is in first place by a wide margin.

If to speak about Apple in almost all aspects of its activities, which involves the study of Greenpeace, the company received the coveted A. the exception is the paragraph that includes the actions of companies that promote environmentally friendly business practices. Does Apple only received a B.



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