Graphics processor graphics card managed to overclock to frequencies over 3 GHz

It is no secret that Nvidia generation Pascal is characterized by impressive frequency potential. Due to this, older models the new GPUs are the first that broke the barrier of 2 GHz, the frequency of the core on the serial cards, although such models is sufficiently small.

But extreme overclocking allows you to squeeze from Pascal solutions not just more, but much more. That was demonstrated at the event, Galax GOC Event.

Just last month, the graphic processor 3D map 1060 Galax HOF GTX was overclocked to the frequency of 2885 MHz when cooled with liquid nitrogen. It was a record frequency for the core of the graphics card in history.

However, the record did not last long. This accelerator was able to accelerate up to the speed 3010 MHz! That is, relative to the standard frequency occurs a two-fold increase. The adapter remained stable, which allowed to result in 21,685 with in the test GPUPI (10M).



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