Graphics card Colorful iGame GTX1080Ti Vulcan AD silent at low load

Are the video card Colorful iGame GTX1080Ti Vulcan AD with the original circuit Board and cooling system. In this case we are not talking about LCD or 18-phase power system, but we certainly flagship accelerator, just without the frills.

Two-section aluminum radiator riddled with five heat pipes with a diameter of 6 mm, except the GPU thalocyanine is also equipped with memory chips and power system. Cooler got three fans, and different sizes of 90 mm on the sides and the Central 80 mm, it is equipped with radial colored lights, effects, and color set in the brand utility. On the reverse side of the card placed a plate rigidity of the whole structure.

The manufacturer has not yet announced the frequency of the card Colorful iGame GTX1080Ti Vulcan AD, but well-known power system: eight phases for the GPU and two phases for the graphics memory to the power supply Board is connected to two octal connectors. Note the presence of two BIOS chips and an algorithm for deactivating the fans by reducing the GPU temperature. Mounting plate brought three DisplayPort 1.4, and one HDMI 2.0 b and DVI.



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