Graphic card Sapphire GPro 8200 for the commercial segment based on the GPU Polaris 10

The company’s product range was supplemented Sapphire graphics card GPro 8200. The solution is designed for the commercial segment. In particular, the novelty will find application in digital signage, medical equipment and so on.

GPro 8200 is highlighted by the fact that GPU-based Polaris 10. Accurate configuration data no, but in this case it is important not the performance of the adapter as such, but his other features. For example, the presence of four ports DisplayPort 1.4 that allows you to connect four display resolution 4K. This unit also supports video encoding and decoding format HEVC (H. 265) in 4K resolution.

The Sapphire does not indicate frequency but indicates the importance of TDP — less than 140 watts. Responsible for the power odnoslotovoy WITH technology Vapor Chamber (vapor chamber). About the cost of the accelerator, the manufacturer is not mentioned.



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