Granted the appeal in Apple dispute with Samsung regarding the payment at 119.6 million dollars

Apple won in the court of appeal, which confirmed previously issued a decision in its favor in a dispute with Samsung Electronics regarding the unlock slide-to-unlock on smartphones and tablets.

The dispute lasts for several years. It started when Apple accused the South Korean manufacturer in patent infringement on the design used in smart phones, and demanded to recover from him $ 2.2 billion. In may 2014, the court came to the conclusion that there has been a violation of the two patents and ordered Samsung to pay Apple at 119.6 million dollars. A series of counterclaims and appeals ended in February, when the court overturned the decision in favor of Apple. Now the court of appeal considered that the judge hearing the case, not just made the mistake of canceling the payment, but must think about increasing the amount.

Next week, the U.S. Supreme court will consider a lawsuit by Apple against Samsung. The court will have to determine how much Samsung should pay for copying the patented design elements of Apple iPhone.

Source: Bloomberg

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