GPU Vega 10 will be released in the first quarter of 2017 and will include 4096 stream processors

It is no secret that in the beginning of next year AMD should release the GPU Vega and flagship graphics card based on it. Until today could not even begin to imagine the level of productivity of this decision, but the majority as a benchmark uses the GeForce GTX 1080.

Anyway, the Network got the crumbs of information about the new AMD GPU. Let’s start with the most interesting. Vega 10 GPU and a graphics card based on it should be on the market in the first quarter of next year. The source claims that the new graphics processor will contain 64 compute units, which corresponds to 4096 stream processors. Radeon RX 480, recall those 2304. That is, you can expect a very impressive difference in performance. And when you consider that the flagship 3D card will get 16 GB of memory HBM2 with a bandwidth of 512 GB/s, then everything becomes more interesting. The level of energy consumption should be 225 watts.

Quarter later must be announced a graphics card with two GPU Vega 10, which will be limited to a TDP of 300 watts. Be a new GPU will, of course, on a 14-nanometer process technology.

But the graphic processor 20 Vega is credited with the norms of 7 nm. Supposedly it will also have 64 compute units and 32 GB of memory HBM2 with a bandwidth of 1 TB/s. TDP is only 150W. Given the fact that GlobalFoundries will release the first 7-nanometer products only in early 2018, expect a new flagship graphics card is no earlier than mid-2018. For this reason, to compare GPU Vega Vega 20 and 10 for the number of computing units makes no sense, as it will be different-generation architecture code-named GFX9.

Another interesting news is that the GPU 10 Polaris will be replaced by Vega 11 next year. But the specs of this processor yet. And finally, the source says that GPU generation Navi will appear on the market only in 2019.



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