GPU Mining System — ready «farm» for cryptocurrency mining on the basis of eight specialized Nvidia cards GPU Mining Card P106-100

A couple of days ago, the Network appeared rumors that Nvidia and AMD develop special versions of graphics cards, which will be designed for cryptocurrency miners. Supposedly these cards will be deprived of the outputs, but will be more accessible game.

Yesterday, the Network appeared to confirm these rumors. The source quotes the images and specifications of the device GPU Mining System, which is called «the farm.» It is based on the graphics accelerator GPU Mining Card P106-100. That is, they use the GPU GP106, based on which playing cards the GeForce GTX 1060. In what configuration in this case, these GPUs is unknown.

But the system contains eight boosters, giving a total of about 200 MH/s when mining cryptocurrency Ethereum, about 2500 Sol/s in the extraction of zcash for and about 4400 H/s when mining Monero.

In addition, the system is equipped with a Celeron processor of unknown model, 4 GB RAM DDR3, SSD capacity of 64 GB (optional) power supply power of 1600 watts. For cooling the «farm» meet nine of the 80-millimeter fan with a speed of 5800 rpm That is generated by the device noise will be far beyond a comfortable level, but also to establish such a solution next to a Desk is hardly appropriate.

Dimensions GPU Mining System make 490 x 280 x 165 mm weight 10.2 kg excluding power supply. Who is the manufacturer of the device is unclear, as his body no markings, no them in the document.

Most likely, Nvidia will supply partners with ready-made accelerators GPU Mining Card on the basis of which they will create a variety of «farm». Can we assume that the purchase of such cards in the retail opportunity.

The cost of such a decision are unknown. If it is comparable with the cost of similar performance homemade «farm» based on the Radeon cards, this should alleviate the problem of shortage of the appropriate adapter. It should be noted that under similar value with the Radeon RX RX 480 and 580, the gaming card GeForce GTX 1060 has a considerably lower performance when mining cryptocurrency.



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