GoPro is ready to take the old and broken action Cam to offset when buying new

It is no secret that GoPro’s are not the best way. At the time, creating a market of action cameras, the company eventually weakened under the onslaught of Chinese manufacturers are far more affordable products.

GoPro came up with another way to attract customers. More precisely, in this case, remain available. The company launched a TradeUp program, in which ready to take the old camera users to offset when buying new.

And, first, accepted absolutely any GoPro camera, and secondly, it may even be damaged and unusable. The discount which is received by the client does not change. It’s $ 50 when you purchase Hero5 Session or $ 100 when you purchase Hero5 Black. Thanks to a discount the first model will cost $ 250 and the other at $ 300. But the offer is valid only in the United States.



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