GoPro Fusion — mysterious spherical camera company for professionals

GoPro has joined the ranks of those who launched 360-degree cameras for creating VR content. Spherical camera is called Fusion and it is able to capture 360-degree video with resolution of 5.2 K at 30 fps, and also make spherical photos.

The company’s CEO described the Fusion as six GoPro cameras, collected in one. Probably, the design of a novelty it is, but while this remains only a guess, because GoPro decided to conceal the appearance of the camera.

At the moment GoPro is accepting applications from developers, content creators and other stakeholders. Delivery of the first partners will begin in the summer, and a limited batch for sale is expected only by year-end. The cost is not known, but it is enough to remember how many there are similar cameras from other manufacturers, to understand what Fusion GoPro will definitely not be cheaper.



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