Google will soon negotiate with the Indonesian tax

In mid-September it became known that Google is suspected of tax evasion in Indonesia. Tax on this country beginning the investigation, since Google refused to audit. According to the tax authorities, failure is an absolute evidence of criminal activity.

According to an exclusive source publishing, Google will be able to settle the issue in the coming weeks. Reuters said sources familiar with the situation, but who requested anonymity because the information they provide is confidential. Allegedly, under the terms of the proposed agreement, Google is obligated to pay taxes and penalty and to adopt new rules of profit calculation mochenoy in Indonesia.

What kind of amount involved is still unknown. The official representative of the tax at the time had stated that Google will have to pay more than $ 400 million only in 2015, if the suspicion of tax evasion confirmed.

According to analysts, the agreement may encourage other countries to take a more active collection of taxes from companies operating on the Internet.

Source: Reuters



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