Google will contribute to the emergence of consumer spherical cameras, working with the service Street View

Google has decided to improve its service Street View. The search giant is working with partners in the framework of the Street View ready. It involves the production of spherical consumer camera that allows you to upload videos to the service directly from Google paired with the smartphone’s camera without having to connect the device to PC.

This year, the market must be 20 certified under this program cameras. However, the certificates will be different, that you can see in the image below.

Certificate Street View mobile just will allow the cameras to upload videos to the Network through the mobile application. Certificate Street View auto get camera meant for cars. Certificate Street View VR will allocate more capable camera, able to take into account the geometrical parameters of the surrounding space to build virtual spaces. Well, the certificate Street View workflow get those cameras will have the tools you need to share directly to accounts Street View.



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