Google wants to provide Network access stations around the world within the Google project Station

At the beginning of the year Google launched in India a project providing free Internet access the train stations of the country. Until the end of the year Google’s goal was to provide Wi-Fi coverage to hundreds of stations, and in General to increase the number to 500.

Now the company has transformed all of this into a separate project called Google Station. In the case of India, the plans have not changed. At the moment, as noted by the representative of the search giant, free access to the Network are up to 3.5 million people in India every month, and approximately 15 000 people a day actually for the first time go online thanks to Google. By the way, now has 52 stations became part of the project, but before the end of the year is near, so it is unclear will the company implement the plan.

But the project would not have received its own name, nine months after launch, if by this is not implied significant reforms. So now Google Station is an international project, although there is no evidence about which of the following countries will have new opportunities. It is reported that Google is negotiating in the railway companies in many countries. Yes, and some stations may not be limited.

Meanwhile, the project now involves the possibility of monetization services. The easiest way is to display advertisements. Of course, you can accuse Google of being greedy, but in fact for many residents of the countries in the level of India free access to the Network even is already a significant event.



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