Google Toilet Locator will help to find toilets in India

Google adds service Maps for India Google Toilet Locator, developed jointly with the Indian Ministry of urban development (MoUD). Google Toilet Locator will allow you to find Indian maps toilets. Their presence or absence represents a serious problem for the country, 60% of the population, with 1.2 billion people defecate in the open air. Only 30% of homes are equipped with private bathrooms.

In the capital region, trials of Google Toilet Locator has already begun. It will last until the end of the month. The map shows how public restrooms and toilets at gas stations, stores and other places where they can benefit everyone.

To search for the toilet to open Google Maps and search for relevant key words. The search result will be an indication of nearby toilets on the map. The system provides for the participation of users who can leave reviews about the toilets.

This is the tortuous path of human civilization, which could create cellular networks, smartphones, and even a special mobile service to search for toilets, but not all were able to build a sufficient number of toilets.

Source: IBTimes


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