Google Taimen, which must replenish the family Pixel, appeared in Geekbench database

That Google is working on a smartphone, hiding under the code name Taimen, we learned back in March. Then claimed that this device will get larger than the Google Pixel XL, display.

Most likely, it will be a new member of the family Pixel. And while this aspect remains unknown, you can look at the result of the testing of this device in the test Geekbench.

Unfortunately, this test determines only part of the parameters. In this case we have an eight-core single-chip system Qualcomm and 4 GB of RAM. Judging by the results, talking about Snapdragon 835, that is, we’re talking about the new office of the upper price segment.

Another interesting aspect is the Android OS O. as Yet we did not come across any smartphone that would have passed this test with this version of the system. It also indirectly confirms the assumption that the Taimen is the code name of the smartphone Pixel of the second generation.



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