Google started selling waterproof shockproof smartphone cases Pixel and Pixel XL

The degree of protection shell Google Pixel is IP53, which means that it can only withstand splashes of water at an angle up to 60° to the vertical. Others, however, last year’s flagship smartphone is protected in accordance with the requirements of class IP67 and IP68.

Google, which allegedly were not realized fully water-resistant smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL, has released a new LifeProof Fre cases for these devices.

Covers LifeProof Fre give Google Pixel and Pixel XL protection from dust and moisture, as required by the IP68 standard, meaning they must withstand prolonged immersion in two meters. Moreover, cases meet military standard MIL-STD 810G. This suggests that the smartphone can survive a fall from a height of two meters.

LifeProof Fre cover for Google Pixel and Pixel XL is offered at a price of $89,95.

Yesterday it turned out that the problem with sound Google’s Pixel is hardware.



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