Google revealed the extent of progress in the energy efficiency of the Chrome browser over the past year

In the summer, Microsoft published the results of tests on desktop browsers, claiming that Edge consumes much less power than competitors, which means a laptop, which will use it it will reside on a single charge much longer.

Then the underdog was Google Chrome. And now, a few months later, Google decided to show that she is also working on the energy efficiency of your browser. However, the company did not compare Chrome with other similar software, and compare a recent version of Chrome Chrome 53 from 46 to show progress over the year job.

As you can see, the new version is really much more economical energy than last year. Google separately emphasizes that the main work was carried out in the direction of improvement of battery life when browsing popular sites filled with video content: Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube.

But about optimisation in General search giant not forgot. For example, it is reported that Chrome for macOS now consumes 33% less energy in all modes.



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