Google recommends manufacturers to abandon their own technologies fast charging

Many often complain that the smartphone market the situation with the autonomy of the devices has not changed since the inception of the market. On the one hand, it is true, as the majority, as before, charging your device every day. On the other is improvement still there. Thanks to modern 14 and 16-nanometer single-chip systems, displays, AMOLED, and other improvements, some of the smartphones in the medium can work for 2-3 days.

And not so long ago appeared on the market fast-charging technology, which often greatly help out. However, the first appearance of such technology led to the development of others. And as a result, now we have multiple incompatible technologies: Quick Charge Qualcomm, MediaTek Pump Express, VOOC Oppo, OnePlus Dash Charge and so on. That is, using a charger designed for smartphones that support Quick Charge, together with the device that supports VOOC, we won’t get no quick charging. Not to say that it is a huge problem, but additional fragmentation of the market of smartphones in favor of just not talking.

Apparently, this problem has decided to do Google. In the document the Android Compatibility Definition Document, which describes various conditions for licensing of the Android OS third-party companies, after updating it was discovered the reference to this situation. It says that devices with USB type-C is strongly recommended not to support proprietary methods of charging, which change the voltage beyond the standard values, which can lead to compatibility issues with chargers or accessories that support USB Power Delivery. Google also notes that the wording «recommended» in future versions of the OS may be replaced with a strict requirement. Thus, the search giant may contribute to the establishment of the technology USB Power Delivery as standard fast charging.



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