Google Play Store will soon disappear a huge number of applications

In a short time from the online app store Google Play Store may disappear thousands or even millions of applications. All the matter in the changed rules for developers.

According to them, the developers need to pay more attention to user privacy and related issues. For example, if IN one way or another, processes personal data, the privacy policy must be added in the application itself and section in Developer Console. In addition, the processing of personal data must be performed safely, including with the use of modern methods of encryption (e.g., HTTPS).

Learn more about the requirements Google can be read online Play Store from the link below. The actions of the company, of course, aimed at improving security. But the side effect will be the removal of the huge amount of «trash» from the app store, which is also for the benefit of the owners of devices with Android. Developers need to make changes to their applications until March 15.

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