Google Pixel Buds — wireless smart headphones that can act as a translator

Google, as you know, deprived of new smartphones Pixel of the headphone Jack. Realizing that you need to offer an alternative, the search giant announced its wireless headphones Buds Pixel.

Contrary to the trends, it’s not completely wireless headphones. Autonomy is stated at five hours and complete the case increases it to 24 hours.

The novelty has received the support of the voice assistant Assistant, along with one unique feature. It is about the integration of Google translate Translate.

It works simply enough. First you need an appropriate phrase to ask Assistant «to help to speak Italian» (or some other language). Then spoken by the user of the phrase will be automatically translated into the selected language and broadcast from the speaker of the paired smartphone. The response phrases unfamiliar to the user language will be translated back to sound already in the headphones. Of course, in this case purely limited abilities of Google translate, however, in the case of English it should work quite well now. Unfortunately, this feature only works when pairing with Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

For use as a headphone would be enough for any smartphone with Android 5.0, iOS 10 and more recent versions. Buy novelty will be in November at a price of $ 160.



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