Google Pixel and Nexus has got the functionality of Instant Tethering

The word Tethering means using your smartphone as a mobile access point to the Network for other devices. The smartphone serves as the modem and the router for connected devices.

In practice, this feature often helps users of tablets, laptops and other smart phones when there were no available Wi-Fi network. Google started to test on smartphones and Pixel Nexus new functionality called Instant Tethering.

After updating Google Play services to version 10.2, users will be able to instantly connect the device. Enter some data do not need to use your Google account.

«In practice, it works like this: if you have, for example, a tablet without Network access, and mobile so if both are connected to the same Google account, the tablet automatically can begin to use your smartphone to access the Internet, — explains one of the developers. — No settings for this functionality are not required, only the original. In the future, you only need to confirm their consent to the use of Instant Tethering».

The update is for smartphone Pixel and Nexus, running Android Nougat 7.1.1.



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