Google Pixel 2 XL is charging slower than it could

A careful study of the charging process of a Google Pixel 2 XL allowed the source to conclude that the device nedovolst potential supplied charger.

Power charger is 18 watts, but only the first few minutes, the device consumes about 15 watts. Then the power consumption is reduced to 10.5 W and is maintained at this level for less than an hour. Further, the power decreases exponentially until the end of charging, which lasts two and a half hours.

The source notes that in 30 minutes the battery receives 35% of capacity, whereas in many smartphones of the same category is about 50%. An hour of charging the battery Google Pixel 2 XL gaining 65% capacity. Specify that a complete charger delivers a constant voltage of 9 V, so when charging from a regular USB port or charger with output 5 volt process will take even more time.

Presumably, the developers decided to limit the charging rate to prevent overheating and extend the battery life.



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