Google Pixel 2 XL iFixit have earned six points

Specialists iFixit got to the new Google Pixel 2 XL to parse and evaluate maintainability.

The disassembly process starts with dismantling the display, which does not require heating of the smartphone.

Between the screen and the motherboard of the battery is a metal chassis which should make the design more durable. There is also the heat pipe, which has already become a familiar part of smartphones with top-end platforms.

The battery manufactured by LG has a capacity of 13.6 W·h

On the motherboard located the following elements: a dual chip RAM Samsung K3UH5H5 4 GB LPDDR4 and SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, chip flash memory Samsung KLUCG4J1ED, chips Avago AFEM-9046, QM78035 Qorvo, Skyworks 7360-2A HX 1716, NXP 81A04 and so on. Note that the image processor of its own design Google marked SR3HX X726C502.

In the picture above represents a sensor which detects a compression of the lateral part of the new Google. It is based on multiple strain gages.

In the end, the smartphone has earned six points out of a possible ten, which is a typical result for a modern flagship device. In the pros he recorded the modularity of the components and availability of standard screws. The disadvantages are the complexity of the dismantling of the battery casings and the presence of some cables, which complicate the repair.



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