Google Pixel 2 without connecting to the Network will be able to identify just over 17 000 musical compositions

The recently-announced Google Pixel 2 has one interesting feature. They are capable of without being connected to the Network to determine the sounding musical composition. To do this, devices are constantly listening to the surrounding sounds.

However, the lack of necessary Network connection for the feature to work Now Playing imposes certain limitations. More specifically, the smartphone simply will not be able to store in memory a huge database of millions of songs.

Thanks to the experts XDA became known that at the initial stage of the new Pixel will be able to independently determine only 17 300 musical compositions. The full list is available on the source website.

Undoubtedly, it is extremely small. On the other hand, first, the list will obviously grow over time, and secondly, in those countries where you can buy Google clearly has no problems with a permanent connection to the Network.

By the way, the file that stores information about 17 300 compositions, weighs 53 MB, that is, to broaden the base to at least 1 million songs will have to increase this file about 3 GB, what Google obviously will not do.



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