Google Pixel 2 — new leaders DxOMark

Like last year, during the announcement of the new smartphones Pixel review appeared on the website DxOMark. And again, like last time, the new «pixels» headed already updated the rating of this resource.

Smartphone Pixel 2 got 98 points, 4 points more than the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and the Apple iPhone 8 Plus. This result was achieved thanks to the 99 points for the quality of the photo and 96 points for the video. That is for shooting video, according to the source, at the moment it’s the best smartphone out tested. Of course, there is potentially strong in this issue, LG V30, but the resource specialists is not experienced.

By the way, these results are in the video, among other things, due to the advent of the new Google dual stabilization techniques: optical and electronic at the same time.

To clarify some details regarding the pros and cons, with this General assessment, it hardly makes sense. To trust this source or not to trust, everyone decides for himself, but Google once again managed to create one of the best camera on the market.



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