Google Pixel 2 needs to obtain Android OS 8.1

The eighth version of the Android mobile operating system officially became available on August 21, 2017, but it will take a lot of time before Android 8 will occupy a significant market share. It is worth noting that released over a year ago, the seventh version of Android 7.0, according to the latest data, there are only 13.5% of compatible devices.

According to the publication Android Police, the editors who did some digging in the source code of the beta version of Google version 7.11, behind Android 8.0 8.1 to be released Android. That is, Google will retain the same numbering scheme versions of its OS, as with Android Nougat.

7.1 Android debuted with the Google Pixel, in October of last year, nearly three months after the final release Android 7.1.

It is logical to assume that Android 8.1 is worth the wait with the new Google Pixel 2 to be submitted next month.



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