Google PhotoScan is a simple and handy app for digitizing printed photos

Printed photos are only for some 5-6 years became almost an anachronism. With the advent of smartphones that have learned to do sufficiently high-quality images, as well as the development of social networks (especially Instagram), print photos almost stopped.

Of course keep the camera with instant print, remain professional, although they print photos less. Also fashionable enough to print those photos from my account in Instagram in separate books called «instabook». But overall, the industry is dying.

More recently, however, printing photos was the norm. This means that many have survived hundreds, and sometimes thousands of images. And many would not mind to translate them into a digital format. This requires either a scanner, preferably cheap, or smartphone, which printed a photo is photographed again. The latter method is easier. It was chosen by Google to improve and simplify. The resulting software was submitted yesterday called Google PhotoScan.

The principle of its operation is very simple and better to evaluate it on video.

Thanks to a special algorithm, the images of the photos turn out better. IN addition, it removes glare and trims the excess. The app is available now for Android and iOS.



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