Google offers USB, audio Jack for $ 20

Google, which last year had a laugh over the lack of audio from the new iPhone, in smartphones Pixel 2, as you know, this is the audio Jack was removed.

To argue about this desire of manufacturers can be very long, but there is no single truth. We can say two things. First, for most users enough quality a mainstream wireless headphones, and secondly, the more the manufacturers will abandon the headphone Jack of smartphones, the faster the sector is fully restructured.

But until that happens, Google puts in the complete with new Pixel USB-C connector is 3.5 mm. in addition, Google offers to purchase a separate adapter, which when connected to a USB-C will provide not only audio, but also «retain» the USB port C. This adapter, in the best traditions of Apple, valued at $ 50. The decision is very specific and need not all, but now it is there and it can be bought.

In addition, the same adapter with USB C audio Jack too if necessary can be bought separately for $ 20. For example, in the case of complete loss or for another smartphone.



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