Google Lens is the app that can determine what the object is before the camera of a smartphone

Google yesterday at the event Google I/O introduced the Google Lens. It’s able in real time to determine what the camera sees smartphone.

That is, it is enough to point the camera at the subject and Google Lens will indicate that it is. This applies to various objects, signboards of shops, and so on. And in some cases artificial intelligence to determine not only what a particular object, and its class, type, model.

Moreover, if you place the camera on the data of a particular Wi-Fi network, including the password, it not only recognizes the data, but also automatically connects the device to the network.

These services showed us many years ago. Even the most Google back in 2010 he released the app Google Goggles, but really working ON that really could be used in everyday life, just walking down the street, until it was. Maybe Google will be the first Lens. Leave application must be in the end of the year.



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