Google launches San Francisco service sharing car-based Waze

As you know, Google has the largest number of unmanned vehicles. In one form or another from the search giant, there are already more than a hundred. But while they are all designed only for tests and trials of different technologies.

According to the source, Google decided to tickle the nerves of Uber. No, Google will not release its entire fleet on road for operation as a taxi. Instead, the San Francisco company planning to launch a site sharing a car-based app Waze.

If Uber offers their drivers, then Google will simply help drivers and passengers find each other. That is, if a person needs to get from one point to another, he indicates it in the application and waits until someone of the drivers, who are on the way, will respond to the request. Payment for the works is also implied, but Google wants to make rates very low is that the service is not turned into a taxi, and just stayed kind of form of assistance.

The company has already tested the service around its headquarters in California, but now intends to run all over San Francisco.



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