Google is working on a budget smartphone Pixel, and also tests some sort of a single-chip system Intel

Yesterday it was reported that Google Pixel the second generation will receive protection from water. Supposedly realize that the current devices prevent a lack of time.

The same source, acquired new information and adds that in the apparatus of the Pixel 2 will be made even bigger emphasis on the camera. In particular, the possibility of shooting in low light. Smart phones and Google at the moment are on a par with the best cameraphones on the market, so new generation should be no worse than new competitors in the face of the Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG G6.

Also, the source reports that Google is testing the devices Pixel entry-level price segment. How primary not reported, but the fact that Google may release not only the top but also available models Pixel indicates a serious intention by the search giant.

Another interesting thing is that Google is testing the smartphone not only with SoC Snapdragon 83x, but with some Intel! It looks extremely strange, since Intel left the market and features the latest single-chip systems suitable for use in smartphones. Or we just don’t know yet.

Anyway, the current model of the Pixel was presented in October, so before the release of new products waiting for a long time.



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