Google is testing OS Andromeda on the tablet Nexus 9

Recall, October 4 at the press conference, Google is expected to announce an operating system Andromeda, which will run on smartphones, tablets and even computers, combining elements of Android and Chrome OS.

As reported by various sources, at the moment, Andromeda is already being tested on the Nexus tablet 9, the production of which was discontinued in may 2016. Given the fact that the device entered the market almost two years ago, having only 2 GB of RAM and 16 or 32 GB of flash memory, we can assume that Andromeda will not only work on the newest devices. Although we should not forget about the use of SoC Nvidia Tegra K1 in this tablet.

How Andromeda will combine Android and Chrome OS remains a mystery. However, Google is going towards this, for example, the company added support for Android apps on chromebooks.

Presumably, on 4 October the company will present Andromeda, and its release will take place only next year.



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