Google is going to close Android Wear. Section moved to Amazon

Yesterday we reported that from the online Google Store page is gone for Android Wear and smart watches LG was listed as unavailable. This suggests a number of things, including assumptions about the closing of the direction OS for smart watches.

However, today Google was quick to reassure all interested, assuring that Android Wear is no one to close is not going to.

Section Android Wear has disappeared from the site, for the reason that the Google Store has decided to keep only those products that are produced directly by Google, and its own smart watch, the search giant has not yet released. However, this does not concern some of the accessories, but apparently, they made an exception.

As for the new location section of the Android Wear, then he moved to the Amazon website. There is created a separate page where you can purchase many different watches with this operating system.
We can also assume that Google will still release its own smart watch under the brand Pixel, but when it happens, is unknown.



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