Google is credited with the expansion of mobile devices Pixelbook tablet

Google introduced chromebook-transformer Pixelbook recently — ten days ago, but the Network has already appeared rumors about the new device, which will be featured in the series. It can be docked with a keyboard tablet.

Known resource DigiTimes cites sources from the supply chain. They note that Pixelbook is made by Quanta Computer, and Google has placed this contract manufacturer an order for another model Pixelbook. Quanta Computer itself this data, of course, no comment.

According to rumors, the new device is a tablet with a connectable keyboard. The product uses a 12-inch touch screen — we should think exactly the same as in Pixelbook. As noted, over the past few years Google has spent a lot of effort on the development of the ecosystem chromebooks in education, and on the idea of yesterday’s schoolchildren and students who are accustomed to mobile PC running Chrome OS, will be happy to continue to use the chromebooks and after finishing school or University. Just will fit Pixelbook, and the tablet in this case would only strengthen Google’s position, though the inner cannibalism in the family is also not excluded.

It is also reported that Google are considering the issue of release of more affordable models Pixelbook, but no details about them from sources in the supply chain do not lead.

Source: DigiTimes



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