Google invests in Lyft $ 1 billion

A month ago it was reported that the holding Alphabet can invest in the company Lyft for about $ 1 billion. This despite the fact that Alphabet is a shareholder in Uber, the company directly competes with Lyft.

And now Lyft has officially confirmed that the Fund CapitalG belonging to the Alphabet, invested in the company $ 1 billion. Due to this the cost of Lyft is now about 11 billion dollars. It can also be noted that in this process, a Foundation representative David Lui (David Lawee) became part of the Board of Directors Lyft.

Interest Alphabet to Uber and Lyft to explain very simply, because the holding company is Waymo involved in the technology of unmanned cars. And Uber and Lyft clearly will be among the first rate introduction to your business self-driving cars.

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