Google has shipped more than 10 million Cardboard VR headsets

Google is one of the most active players in the market of virtual reality devices. However, it does not offer any serious products, promoting simple Cardboard headset that you can even do it yourself.

But the advantage of these headsets is their simplicity, availability, and compatibility with a large number of smartphones. In the end, if you believe the representative of the search giant, at the moment the company has already completed 10 million sets to create Cardboard VR headset. Users 160 million loads of compatible apps from the online Google store.

It should be noted that for some time Google is promoting the platform to Daydream, which is the successor of Cardboard VR, but it does not prevent to continue to sell the simple headsets of the first generation.

As for the platform, Daydream, Google said that on average, users are in virtual reality through compatible headsets for about 40 minutes a week. With more than 50% of the content we have on YouTube.



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