Google has no plans to release new mobile PCs under the brand Pixel

Brand Google Pixel came back in 2013 with the release of the first mobile PC Chromebook Pixel. Last year the brand moved into the smartphone segment. It’s unclear exactly how the search giant intends to develop the brand. For example, a smart watch LG Watch Sport and the Watch Style, despite the fact that moving with the support of Google, the brand Pixel have no relationship.

And here it became known that Google has no plans in the near future to release a new mobile PC Pixel. This was stated by Vice-President of Google Osterloh Rick (Rick Osterloh). Of course, those models Chromebook Pixel, which were sold earlier was not aimed at the mass market, as the cost is too much for such a device. But Google could release an affordable notebook with Chrome OS under the brand Pixel. However, this will not happen.

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