Google for a few days took 10% of the market of expensive smartphones India

A few days ago we wrote about the fact that the market of premium smartphones to India ostensibly divided between Samsung and Apple, and almost equally.

Another source, referring to the report Counterpoint Research, argue completely different. Yes, the leaders are still Apple and Samsung, but with a different ratio. And other nuances missing.

So, Cupertino giant, as of the end of October, leading the market of premium smartphones to India. And in this case, the concept of a premium smartphone is quite specifically defined. This device cost more than $ 435. And then Apple takes 66% of the market.

In second place is Samsung with a share of 23%. But the most interesting is not it. Interestingly, in third place with a share of 10% is Google with their new smartphones Pixel. The search giant by the end of October managed to ship in India 33 000 smartphones. And delivery of new products launched in this country only on October 25. By the way, it is easy to calculate that in just October (apparently, by the end of October created stipulate the report) to the Indian market was delivered about 330 000 of the most premium smartphones, including iPhone devices was about 218 000.



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